Power & Motoryacht BoatyardPower & Motoryacht readers use their boats a lot, and so time in the yard and on the hard must be well spent to be appreciated. We want to know about boatyards that are worth your time and worthy of your boat. If you have a favorite boatyard, please fill out the form below and include the details of your favorite boatyard and why its crew is the best. Is it the time they take to explain their procedures? Is it the quiet confidence and competence of the craftsmen in the shop? Or is it the way they always seem to find the proper fix for that problem you just can’t figure out. Whatever the reason, we’d like to know.

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Scarano Boatyard, in Albany, New York
This month our reader selection is Scarano Boatyard, in Albany, New York. (Click here to learn about them).